Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh GSPIA

Studying International Security, Intelligence, and Law

I am an Assistant Professor of International Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public and International Affairs. I teach courses on international relations, law and the use of force, intelligence and surveillance, and the role of individuals in foreign policy decision-making.

My current research focuses on how congressional regulation can have unintended effects on the types of covert action used in U.S. foreign policy. My other research interests include foreign policy decision-making, intelligence and secrecy, as well as international and constitutional law. I am also interested in archival work in qualitative and mixed-method research. My research is published in International Security, the International Journal of Intelligence and CounterIntelligence, and The Diplomat.

Prior to coming to Pitt, I received a Ph.D. in Politics from Princeton University, a J.D. from the University of Pennsylvania Law School, and a B.A. in mathematics and political science from Bucknell University.

Contact Information

Phone: (412) 648-8284
Office: 3935 Wesley W. Posvar Hall
Graduate School of Public and International Affairs
University of Pittsburgh
230 South Bouquet Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15260